We believe the digital economy needs a fairer balance between consumer and producer. We want to be at the forefront of these changes, building digital environments that champion the consumer, whilst driving value for the producer.


Everyone here at ODIN is curious, capable and willing. Beyond that, we’re a mixed bunch - both in terms of interests and experience. Take a look through our values to see if they resonate. If they do, we’d love to hear from you!

Respect The Customer

Let’s be real: the customer may not always be right, well informed or even reasonable. But they almost certainly have a lot of responsibility resting on their shoulders – and this needs to be respected. 85% of our business is repeat or referral business, and we’d like to think that this is down to our belief that respecting the customer extends far beyond just being polite or pleasant. Truly respecting the customer means putting yourself in their shoes, really getting to grips with their business, their perspective, the results they’ve been tasked to deliver and the multitude of constraints they work within.

Trust & Transparency, always

We know that trust is the cornerstone of our business. We also know that trust cannot exist without transparency. We are committed to a culture of open communication – even when it’s tough – and have chosen to embrace honesty and humiilty as our guiding principles both internally and externally. Whether that means being transparent about our shortcomings publicly or freely sharing our frustrations and concerns internally – we’d rather a culture of awkward authenticity over disingenuous perfection, any day.

Mutual Respect

We’re able to deliver great work because we work in an enjoyable environment with people we trust and respect on both a personal and professional level. That trust and respect is built, earned and maintained through a strong work ethic, a sense of collective responsibility, mutual appreciation and understanding. In a nutshell: be nice, don’t bullshit yourself & don’t bullshit others.

Knowledge Is Not static

Business and Technology evolve rapidly, which means knowledge becomes obsolete quickly – and roles, capabilities and technologies change swiftly. We champion an environment driven by learning and skill-sharing, and support each other in bridging knowledge gaps – be that through internal workshops, self-learning or specialist external courses. At the end of the day, being confident in your knowledge means you can be confident in your work.

Effectiveness > Efficiency

Fast is good but effective is better. Whilst we strive to identify, design and deliver solutions as quickly as possible, our focus will always be on ensuring they’re the right solutions. The way we see it, the extra time we spend now finding the right solution, we save later fixing the wrong solution.

Approach > Experience

Where you earned your degree or how many years experience you have comes secondary to a curious, capable and willing approach to work (and life) as far as we’re concerned. We value attitude over experience every time.

We > I

Every one at ODIN is exceptional and brings some thing truly unique to the table. But we believe to truly go far, individual contributions have most impact when they’re delivered as part of a wider collective. And whilst we don’t have flat structure (all ships need a captain) – we do have a genuinely democratic culture.